Marina Kapilova lives and works in Minsk (Belarus)
Graduated from the Academy of Arts, Minsk.

Marina Kapilova is a talent sprinkling up in all directions – sculpture (bronze, founding), ceramics, art metal (goldsmithery and decorative plastic arts), porcelain collectible dolls, easel and book graphic arts (lithography, calligraphic pens and pencils, watercolours), collage… Marina can pass from one plastic arts’ form or technique to another with equilibristic lightness. Marina Kapilova invented an original, highly expressive, a tad piquantly decadent style in which plastic observations’ subtlety is combined with romantically arabesque fantasy. Nowadays, her work’s priority directions are sculpture and lithography. Her sculptures and graphic oeuvre are marked by a sharp, almost grotesque sense of form and plastic structure. She is absolutely free when it comes to angles, powerful and sniper’s precise contours, as well as bold decorative “syncopations”. Thanks to her cooperation with Dmitry Molotkov, one of the most experienced masters-typographers, in some cases Kapilova's lithography prints are unique from a technique point of view.

1. Drawing, porcelain dolls, sculpture. - BelTV, Minsk, 1997
2. Drawings, ceramics, porcelain dolls. - «Bellevue» Gallery, Berlin, 1997
3. "...This is my own snow..."- drawings, dolls. - Gallery of the European Humanities University, Minsk, 1999
4. "Adjective Nouns", small sculpture, artistic metal. - Gallery of the European Humanities University, Minsk, 2001
5. Drawings, porcelain dolls. - Grobzig (Germany), 2003
6. Exhibition of graphic arts. - Bologna (Italy), 2004
7. «Ex nihilo» not jewelry decorations, sculpture. - Gallery of the Regional Center of Crafts, Minsk, 2004
8. «Something» graphic arts, sculpture, decorations. - «Podzemka» Gallery, Minsk, 2008
9. «Store for the winter» lithography, sculpture. - «Ў» Gallery, Minsk, 2009
10. «Pencil Drawings» graphic arts. - Gallery-museum of L.Schemelev, Minsk, 2011
11. «When would the Greeks see our games» lithography and sculpture. - A.S. Pushkin Library, Minsk 2013
12. Sculpture exhibition. - Art-baza gallery, Minsk, 2014
13. Lithography, small sculpture and designer jewellery. - National Library of Belarus, Minsk, 2015
14. Lithography and Drawings. - Corte Eremo Art gallery, Mantua (Italy), 2015

15. «Alpha» lithography and sculpture. - art-gallery Domkartin, Minsk, 2016

16. "Flying" sculpture, lithography - The Museum of Modern Art, Minsk, 2017

17. "Dialogue" lithography and sculpture. - A.S. Pushkin Library, Minsk, 2017

18. "Theatro Uccelli" sculpture - The Museum of Modern Art, Minsk, 2018
19. “The Garden of Forking Paths” lithography, sculpture - Mark Rothko Art Center, Daugavpils (Latvia), 2020

Artworks could be found in private collections in Belarus, Russia, Italy, Germany, Holland, the USA, Latvia, Israel,
England and Canada.

If you would like to purchase any artwork, please contact Sonia: son.reznikova@gmail.com